Coach Mel & Coach Mo teaming up to teach you how to manifest anything you desire!

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The Manifestation Mindset 

It all starts here! The mindset required to getting to Manifest is very scientific, Coach Mel & Coach Mo will guide you right down the path to unfold your desires. You will learn the keys to the focus and intention you must place on your desires no matter how distant they may seem today. You will receive the guidance and knowledge you’ve been looking for to attain your goals! You really can manifest anything from right where you are … with the proper Manifestation Mindset!

3 HOUR COURSE | January 22, 2022 @ 12:00

The Millionaire Mindset

Growing & sustaining your money has everything to do with your mindset around money! It’s time to unlock your mental blocks to having the money you desire to Manifest your dreams! Money is a great tool, time is valuable. Learn from Coach Mel & Coach Mo how to own the 24 hours of your day and have more than enough money to do whatever you’d like to do! This class is intense, get ready to have a breakthrough! Your Millionaire Mindset awaits!

3 HOUR COURSE | January 23, 2022 @ 12:00

Money & Manifestation for MEN Only

Manifestation is for men too! There are times when men simply need to support each other. No offense, if you prefer to share amongst the fellas and remove the pressure of being seen through the growing pains by women. This is the class for that… Coach Mel & Coach Mo will guide you through The Manifestation & Millionaire Mindset required to level up in every category of life. Coach Mo has helped many male clients manifest greatness in her private practice yet, there’s even a potion of this class Coach Mo won’t be a part of! The time to live your best life is NOW!

3 HOUR COURSE | January 29, 2022 @ 12:00

All About Monique Spence

An innovative growth strategist, entrepreneur and Life Coach. Monique Spence “Coach Mo” is leveraging her business expertise to help her clients by using her experience, coaching wisdom, practical knowledge and strategic vision to transform lives. She is the author of “Manifest that Shit” and “Burn that Shit”. A media-savvy spokesperson adept at navigating complex personal, professional, and economic environments to achieve positive and measurable outcomes.

Prior to coaching, Coach Mo spent several years as a Sales & Marketing executive with “Sony Music”, before she launched multiple innovative brands of her own including Redefine The Tee & Brand You Marketing Inc. which was integral in the success of many household brands today. An entrepreneur since the age of sixteen, Coach Mo has used her natural skill & ability for marketing as one of the keys to her business success.

The owner of Mo Knows Coaching Services since 2014, she provides organizational development, mindset transformation and leadership training. Coach Mo is a graduate of the John Maxwell Training Leadership Academy.

All About Mel Roberson

Mel Roberson is a six-time Amazon best selling author, accomplished actor, and dynamic speaker.
Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Mel is the perfect blend of street smarts and book smarts. Mel was a victim of gun violence during his senior year of high school. That traumatic event changed his life, and propelled him forward. He has a B.S. in Political Science, post graduate studies in Integrated Marketing Communications, and dual MBAs in Management and HR. He has spoken in front of crowds from 5 to 15,000 delivering relatable personal and professional development talks for 15+ years.

At age 25, he was the youngest Regional Vice President for a NYSE traded company. He also has extensive entrepreneurial experience, starting and running four of his own companies. In addition to his business experience, Mel is an accomplished SAG actor (seen on Chicago P.D. On NBC, The Chi on Showtime Network, Empire on Fox, and many more) and an award winning spoken word artist. His life is a living testimony that he can manifest anything. He believes that his most important job is being a father to his two amazing daughters.

results from working with Mel & Mo

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Under her private coaching and her group events, I have found it much easier to meet goals and expand my own notions of self-care and manifesting my desires in life. Having engaged coaches in connection with a major personal development company, I have found her content much richer than that offered by my assigned coaches within that company. Indeed, I found her presentations at her events of a significantly higher quality than that to which I was exposed in the various course offerings of that company, even though they were far more costly than those of Coach Mo.

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Mel is not only thought provoking, but extremely enthusiastic and entertaining when he speaks/teaches.
- Angela Ware
Director of Organizational Development
Boys & Girls Club of America

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Coach Mo saw me!!! When we initially met, via zoom, I presented myself as I always do…closed. A few minutes into the conversation she knew that wasn’t me and dug in. The insights from that initial conversation a year and a half ago have changed my life. Every interaction since then has caused me to live a better version of myself. But the best part of Coach Mo is she practices what she teaches and shares her story with you. The passion that she has for this work comes through in how she cheers for her clients. She wants to see us succeed and supports our endeavors to the fullest possible. Trust me MO KNOWS and once you become a client you will Know yourself more as well. 

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Mel gave one of the best trainings of my professional career. He helped me reach new levels.
-Don Murphy
Agency Business Owner
American Family Insurance


    November 12th


    1 Hour



    Reasons to Manifest with Mel & Mo

    Knowledgable Facilitators

    Twice the Manifestation Power! Both Mel & Mo have manifested many great things throughout their lives & taught countless others how to do the same! They are pairing up to teach you how to do everything they have learned!

    Relevant Topics

    Select the class that is right for you. Your time is NOW! No matter the class, you will be able to shape the lessons to grow your life through the powerful principles of manifestation.

    Learn Fast

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    You are not restricted by geography….you can learn from Mel & Mo in the comforts of your home, office or the beach! Plus: all live classes will be recorded for your playback convenience!

    You Are Worth It

    You are your most important asset. The manifestation courses help you live the life that you will love and deserve NOW instead of waiting for a miracle! Learn how to Manifest it… NOW!

    Learn Fast

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    Your dreams are waiting!

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